Download SDK and tools

Middleware (Desktop tools)


USB Dongle Drivers & Set-up documentation

v1.1.0 – (19/10/2021) – Download USB Dongle Drivers and Set-up documentation

SDK – Unity

v1.0.2 – (19/10/2021) – Download SDK Unity
Release Notes:
  • Added sample scenes
  • Editing at run-time textures

SDK – Unreal

v1.0.3 – (17/11/2021) – Download SDK Unreal
Release Notes:
  • Expose public property clousure thimble
  • Fix Blueprint behaviours Hand

SDK – Low-level API (C#/C++)

v1.0.0 – (09/02/2022) – Download SDK Low-level API
Release Notes:
  • Release UWP sample integration project (C#/C++)

WEART Demo VR Laboratory

v1.8 – (27/10/2021) – Download Demo VR
Release Notes:
  • Upgrade experience for new TouchDIVER devices

WEART Demo VR Christmas 2021/2022

(for Oculus Quest 2 – Link mode)

v1.0 – (07/01/2022) – Download Demo VR
  • Christmas enviroment with haptics probs and interactions demo
  • The project has been optimized for Oculus Quest 2 using TouchDIVER on hand side right . If you use other headset, press “c” key on your keyboard during the experience and change offset for VR Controller and Hand Side. Save to store configuration and to run the experience with the same set-up.
  • For teleportation, aim with the VR controller on the floor and when the raycast is “white” press “grasp” button  on the controller to move
  • Feel the sensation of warmth by approaching the fireplace, or by grabbing the chocolate cups. Try touching the socks over the fireplace or decorating the tree by moving the decorations. Enjoy the haptics!