Milan, 20 June 2022 – Weart, an e-Novia Group company that develops wearable and portable products for the digitization of the sense of touch, launches its first equity crowdfunding campaign on BacktoWork24, the Italian platform owned by Intesa Sanpaolo, which favors investment in startups, SMEs and real estate projects by private and professional investors. Through the campaign aimed at institutional and retail investors, the company aims to raise a maximum value of 2.5 million euros.

Weart’s goal? Carry out its industrial growth plan, which provides for the development of increasingly sophisticated products and experiences in the field of Virtual and Augmented Reality for the corporate world and producers of multimedia content.

Weart was born at the end of 2018 from an idea of ​​the three co-founders – Giovanni Spagnoletti, Guido Gioioso and the Full Professor of the University of Siena Domenico Prattichizzo – and is the result of the collaboration between e-Novia, the University of Siena and the Italian Institute of Technology. The research carried out by the co-founders concerns the development of cutting-edge tactile technologies and the creation of human-machine haptic interfaces that are increasingly used today in virtual reality, augmented reality and robotics, and which in the future will enable new forms of interaction and communication between remote users and new use of digital content.

Weart has created the TouchDIVER, a wearable device capable of reproducing the tactile sensations perceived when touching an object in order to enrich the experience of using multimedia content. It is the only device on the market capable of applying a combination of forces, vibrations and thermal stimuli (from 18 ° C to 42 ° C) to the user’s skin. Weart’s wearable interfaces allow the user to have a natural interaction with the virtual world, giving him the opportunity to use his own hands to interact with digital objects and surfaces. The tactile stimuli thus amplify the realism of the interaction and the involvement of users during a Virtual or Augmented Reality experience.

Nowadays, the digitization of experiences is made necessary in specific professional applications, such as medical and industrial training: a surgeon can train himself to perform a particular operation in a completely virtual operating room accessible through a viewer, simulating the interaction with the body of a patient through 3D reconstructed surgical instruments and equipment. And we are not just talking about training: virtual and augmented reality applications allow you to try, by touching it, a product that has not yet been manufactured, enable cooperative design sessions of products and spaces or highly immersive marketing experiences. WEART fits into this context and, with its TouchDIVER, solves the difficulties of sharing and collaboration between distant people.

The TouchDIVER also finds application in the rapidly growing sector of NFTs and the digital works of art they convey. The device introduces the sense of touch into the creation and use of these new forms of artworks that otherwise would remain confined to a screen, perceptible only through sight and hearing. The use and production of digital assets, and the Extended Reality (or Metaverse) market, have accelerated sharply in recent months, especially thanks to the action of Meta and other Big Techs.

“We are pleased to have launched this crowdfunding campaign with BacktoWork,” reports Guido Gioioso, co-founder of Weart, “because we believe it is an important step to continue evolving as a company, making us increasingly competitive and distinctive on the reference market and for investing in research, innovation and skills. ”